Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BP1_Welcome to my blog

By: Rosalynn Locklear

If you take a look at my previous blog, you will notice that it was created about two years ago. That's when I visited Orlando, Florida for the FETC conference. My Principal invited me to go because she knew that I was enthused about technology. I learned a lot about technology and how to incorporate it into my classroom. Not only did I learn strategies to use, but I was introduced to a college named Full Sail University. They told me about their program (Educational Media Design and Technology), and I was immediately ready to enroll, however, I knew that I couldn't at the time.

That night, I remembered one of the speakers telling us about So I went there, and started a blog. I kind of forgot about it after that. Now, I am enrolled in the EMDT program, and my assignment was to go to to create a blog.....I went there and guess what popped up? My blog from when I was introduced to this program? Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. I am just glad that it all worked out.

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