Monday, March 14, 2011


By: Rosalynn Locklear

I wanted to find out more about What better way to learn, than by doing. So, I logged into my free account that I created and I took a look around. It is super user friendy. If you look at the pic above, all the way to the left, their are tabs. The tabs are props, which are clip art items you can add. Then the scene tab allows you to choose various backgrounds. The photos tab allows you to upload pictures from your computer into doesn't take long at all. The last tab allows the input of text using text boxes/bubbles.
The above shot captured a storybook that I am creating. It is called "Me", and I am making it for my 6 month old to have later on. I just dragged and dropped pics onto the pages, and sized them the way I wanted them. You can also choose shapes for your pics (circular, star, rectangle).
This screenshot is a display of the crop tool for pictures on It's super simple. Just click on the corners to adjust the size and then click done. This is going to be amazingly easy for my Kindergarten students as they prepare a story book online.
This is a shot of my completed project. It only took about 20-25 minutes to make the entire book. You simply click on "Read" to read it. It actually makes the sound that a hard cover book would when opening the book on the table, as well as page turning sounds. This is a wonderful site. I can't wait to use this as my RILS with my Kindergarten teams.

Click here to check out the book I made for AJ.

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