Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenarios Planning

By: Rosalynn Locklear

1. Target Audience – 4 Kindergarten Students (1 team of 4)

2. Materials – Mac, and, iMovie, crayons, and drawing paper.

3. Objectives:

· The student will demonstrate sense of story by creating and printing a book online.

4. Procedure

· The students will (TSW) brainstorm a topic to write about.

· TSW create a draft of a story.

· TSW go to

· TSW work collaboratively to create a story.

· TSW will share their story with other Students (Kindergarten-Fifth Grade)

5. Web 2.0 This tool allows you to create storybooks online. The stories are then available for reading online, or the story can be printed out.

6. Social Participation/Social Learning –For this lesson, 4 students will be paired into a team. The group is responsible for creating/printing a storybook online. TSW then share their end product with other students within the school.

7. Making Connections – Kindergarten students are familiar with the concept of a book. They are aware that authors write the stories and illustrators provide the pictures to go along with the story. Students have previously drawn pictures and written a couple of sentences to go along with it, but they have not created a professional looking piece of work before. This will be a great motivator for the students.

8. Create/Produce – The end product will be a story book created by the two Kindergarten Teams

9. Assessment: The students will be assessed on the end product, which in the case will be the story that is created.

10. Reflection – Students will make a video to reflect upon their experience. This video will then be shared with their classmates. As a self-reflection, I will make a podcast describing the pros and cons of my experience.

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