Friday, March 11, 2011


Now I have completed GarageBand training through I learned a lot, but I feel that I could watch the tutorial over and over and still learn something new each time. I guess it's because there's so much you can do with GarageBand. Another way to engage myself in learning GarageBand is to practice, practice, practice. I am a person that learns by doing (The John Dewey Theory). I will gain expertise by creating several projects and making a few mistakes, like I did for this project...but it's OK, because I walked away with a little more knowledge.

After the tutorial, I was wondering how I could use this to create this for my class, so I decided to make a podcast. During this podcast I am reading Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss. I even figured out how to add background music. Yayyy me!

Here is the link to my Podcast:

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  1. Fantastic! Great blog! When I was first introduced to Garage Band, I thought I am not a music producer or music engineer. I saw all the sound waves stuff and buttons, just too much for me. Yet, as you work more and more with it, it turns into a toy! Podcasts are fun now!
    I agree with you that you can watch a lesson over and over and learn a new technique from it. I truly believe it depends on our perspective when you are watching a lesson. I chose to be intimidated by Garage Band and was. I chose to look at learning iMovie as a fun adventure and it was! Thank you for sharing! Rock the background music! LOL
    Take care! Michaelann